Youth Service

Our Youth Focus

Youth programs have been a significant part of our club activities. After all, these are the leaders of the future and any assistance we can give to make a better leader, the better the world will be.

Rotary Youth Exchange

Rotary Youth Exchange has always been a big part of our activities. Marlo De Wit from South Africa was our first inbound Exchange Student, and since then we have hosted students from Canada, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and Brazil.  We have also sponsored outbound students to many destinations, including Germany, Argentina, Sweden  and   Finland.

In this program, international students are exchanged between clubs around the world. Normally the student has finished year 12. A student will stay with the host club for the year, participating in all club activities and attending a local school. One year a club will host an in-bound student while the following year the club will send an out-bound student, usually to the country of the previous in-bound student.

Rotary Australia New Zealand Student Exchange (R.A.N.Z.S.E.)

This program is very similar to the above program but the student is one year younger and the exchange happens all in one year. An out-bound student in second semester is hosted by the family of a similar matched student in New Zealand, then both students return to the original country for semester three.

The program is much simpler and shorter but is proving a winner with students, clubs and schools.


Earlyact is a mini Rotary Club run with a primary school environment. Similar meeting principles and meeting activities happen. The club is hosted by a local Rotary club.

It has been our pleasure to sponsor and support Earlyact in the Chevallum State Primary School.

Rotary Youth Leadership Award (R.Y.L.A.)

This is a week long program of character enhancement for young adults