Volunteer Some Time


Be a “Friend of Rotary” and be listed on our Volunteer Register.
There is no membership cost or regular commitment. Many of us find that we are time poor these days, …and it can be a real struggle, particularly with business and family commitments, but wish to contribute something back to the community.

As a Friend of Rotary, you will:         

    • be placed on our Volunteer Register.
    • receive the support of all club members in any activity in which you participate.
    • receive our weekly e-mail bulletin with what is going on within the club.
    • receive information of advance activities where you can indicate your ability to participate and have your name on a roster for a time slot that most suits you. eg. Working at our Nambour Show catering venue.
      If there is a particular event or function coming up, we are often looking for one-off volunteers to help.  We ask, and if our “friends” have the capacity or interest in that particular project, then you’re in.  If not, no problem, and no-one is being either let down or overloaded.
    • if you think you would like to participate at this level, there is no financial impost to you, and no firm time commitment, but rather a link to our club and an opportunity to join us in serving the community if and when you feel it to be of interest.

What is our Club Focus & Activities?