Why Join Our Club?

Get involved with Rotary


You would receive the opportunity to give something back to your community, to make a difference to someone or somewhere in the world through combined club efforts. To enhance your leadership skills and to make new friends and support others.


We meet approximately 50 weeks of the year.  A minimum of 50% attendance is required, which you can easily maintain through “making up” at any other Rotary Club worldwide – which adds a whole new dimension to your Rotary experience.  You also get to meet all sorts of interesting people along the way. Your will as a member of Rotary represent your vocation and use your vocational skills to better the ideal of Rotary.


We ask that you commit part of your time to Club activities in fund raising and other community service projects.  We have a joining fee (payable once) and annual renewable fees.  For this you receive a weekly bulletin from the Club, a monthly international magazine (“Rotary Down Under”), other informational material; regular newsletters from our District 9600; Local and International Directories.

The club meets weekly and there is a cost for breakfast each week which includes a raffle ticket. You may be fined (for transgressions real or imagined). Funds raised go into the Club Service accounts to fund general  community service activities.


  • Check out our “Contact Us” page and say hello.
  • Check out our “Home” page and just turn up.
  • We shout you your first costs and assure you an interesting morning.


As a visitor

To make you feel welcome in our club and to participate in any of our activities at any time.

As a member

To welcome you as an equal.

To offer orientation into the Club and Rotary activities.  To explain meeting and Rotary procedures.  We team you up with helpful, caring and dynamic people.  We give you a chance to contribute your own ideas and be proactive.  We welcome you as a fellow member and offer an opportunity to make a contribution to the local and wider community through shared effort. As a member, you will be welcome at any Rotary club world wide. You will learn and use the focus and participate in the activities that are our Rotary projects.

What is our Club Focus & Activities?