This is the face of rotary. The activities in the community where you see things happening.

Rotary does some truely amazing things.

A single idea by one person can blossom into a benefit for the whole community.

Our club is small but we have undertaken many BIG things to benefit the community.

Some things we have done in other communities where they have suffered natural disasters or needed a helping hand:

  • 2011 Queensland Floods at Jandowae. We assisted a family in hardship to buy household products and assisted them to repair fences on their property by the club visiting the town and staying locally to do the work.
  • 2012 Murgon Music Muster where the local organising rotary club needed some assistance in running the program. We stayed locally to help and assisted with catering, one of our specialities.
  • 2013 Queensland Floods at Gayndah. We assisted the local historical museum to get going again after being totally submerged under the Burnett River. Again, we stayed locally and removed mud from much of their display machinery.


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